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Python and ADempiere[edit]

I have met Red1 on various occassions, and he has convinced me to be a contributor to ADempiere. But... I say, "I'm a Python hacker and ADempiere is all about Java..".

His answer was: "Fear not, ADempiere wishes to accommodate a wide talent pool, think of a way, to fit in, ...utillise your strengths..".

 *declaration (see assumptions below: 
 This was written with certain assumptions (see below) I have made, some 
 of which may be ignorant and wrong, but I wanted to write this while 
 the concept was still fresh in my mind.

So I thought, and thought... firstly, rather than mess around with the components/modules that already exsits I'd rather work on components that add other functionality to ADempiere. Furthermore, as Red1 has mention, there exists a plug-in architecture, in Java.

Secondly my expertise is in the area of developing mobile (phone) applications and integrating mobile technologies to back-end services. What could be better and more needed than a back-end service than Adempiere?

So with these 2 items in mind, I would like to suggest the 2 (Python) Projects... in a nutshell.

1. Develop a plug-in API such that applications and modules written in Python can interact with and even call Adempiere 'native' objects.

2. Design and develop a 'Mobile Gateway' such that any Adp module can send alerts and answer simple requests via mobile phones (and I don't mean just WAP, but especially SMS)

discussion: Python

So the questions here are, 1. Are there any Python hackers out there that would like to contribute to Adempiere but cannot beacuse "..its all Java"? Then lets change that!

2. Anyone who sees a need for a mobile inteface to an entreprise app like ADempiere and would like to make it happen... then lets work towards that.

Lets discuss the possibilities and all the rest of the ADempiere community is welcome to join in as well...

Red1 has adviced me to study the Cli-CE Project for the SMS fucntionaliities.

  • assumptions:
   I know very little of Java, I know the concepts of the language but cannot claim to have 
   programmed in it beyond the few example programs in books etc.. I know however, that Jython (Python 
   implmented in Java) can call Java classes directly. 
   (pls, no flame wars.. this is entirely my personal opinion. In my search for languages, I found 
   Python and have not needed to search further). 	
   I also know little of ADempiere, altho I'm sure I will have great teachers, but have experiances in 
   the sort of workflow and processes that ADempiere address, having done work implementing 
   inventory, and manufaturing applications, in the distant past.
-- Boh