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  • This page is also part of a commercial client's needs. The maintainer here keeps professionalism as well as community spirit alive by bringing their needs online. It takes alot of effort to convince the client that. So i will appreciate it if users understand that only certain needs are addressed on priority basis here. But in general the usability graph is applicable to other users and in some cases ALL users. The client here is paying for the fixes and we shall contribute them as seen below.
  • This means that this page is going to get as good as the participants make of it (to get into priority). Thus any undue criticism will not be welcome. Only collaboration with self or paid development will be welcome.
  • This page welcomes editing help. But either PMC and I has final say. - red1


  • Motivation and direction can be viewed from Project Management Committee.
  • Will use either GoogleDocs or Wiki to track usability issues.
  • Will list features and testing done by a professional consulting team with real client cases experience.
  • Please send your gmail id to to work and participate in latest googledoc.
  • Presently maintained on volunteer basis by red1 and ISEC of Thailand. Therefore please join in and assist.
    • Thomas Kresser is introducing some German particpation from a University around Munich (Welcome!) - red1 00:42, 22 April 2010 (PDT)


(Please sign here and sign up to attend usability meetings stated here - take note of your local GMT in your own gmail account)

Feature Requests/Bug Trackers[edit]


  • The version in use here is 354 or latest trunk. During live deployment, a freezing of version into Thailand/ISEC branch will be used.
  • SourceForge Discussion
  • Many of the work submitted will be sent to Features Requests, Bugs, and Contributions

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