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AS - The Representing Symbol[edit]

AS - The Differentiating Factor

About AS[edit]

AS is from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. At the moment, there is nothing much to say about himself. AS strongly believes one who can understand the underlying fundamentals of an Yin-Yang symbol would have the capacity to understand him. He is a simple man, who also believes in honoring respect where its due. There is neither rights nor wrongs, only differences in opinions.

Light is the left hand of wisdom And wisdom the right hand of light. Two are one, life and success, Blending together like milk and water, Like our bodies parts integrated as one, Like the destination and the journey, Like the end and the way.

Knowledge Sharing[edit]

How-To Guides[edit]

This is a section of tutorials on Adempiere. Please be advised that this page is still under construction, and usage of the tutorials should be done at your own risk. Please never use the tutorial given below in your production site.

Libero - Manufacturing Module

Proposed Video Tutorials

  • Getting Started: Adempiere Installation on Linux, WinXP
  • Concepts: Business Concepts - how Adempiere fits into an Organization / Enterprise
  • Concepts: Pre-Implementation Checklist

<< please feel free to include more >>

Proposal: Computer Based Training[edit]

What is the one thing that increases value for any given application? Its the frequency of the application is being used. The more an application is being used, the more people become familiar with it, and the bigger the community becomes.

There is a challenge to this. Its the knowledge required to use it. No matter how good an application is, but if it is used less by community/niche target market, eventually it will be perceived as being use-less. There are instances, where people want to use an application, but because of lack of knowledge and understanding of the application, the journey becomes toughs and most of the time the journey comes to a complete halt. It happened to me, before. If that happens, we are losing one potential user who can serve to be valuable in time to come.

That is one of the reason why we want to create video based tutorials with voice overs. As we get more support from the community, the voice overs can be translated into other languages. There are already many good tutorials and guides, here. This section is implemented to complement and enhance the way a tutorial is given. Some like it in point form, some like long written instruction, and while some may find it easier to understand and comprehend by watching videos, especially people with average IT skill.

Team Members[edit]

  • AS
  • XP_PRG a.k.a Tim
  • Usm88 Usman88 22:50, 28 June 2007 (EDT)
  • catsapiens

Release Plans[edit]

At the present rate of resources that we have, we positively plan to release one short tutorial video every 3 weeks. We assure you that the release rates will be intensified as we develop/pool our resources.

Join The Team[edit]

Tigers die leaving their skin, but people die leaving their name behind. Like Red1 used to say, its the name to remember. Be a part of the team, contribute in the areas that you can, and the community will acknowledge you and remember you for your deeds. Once again, as Red1 used to say, Contributors are priceless! You have nothing to lose by contributing , but only to gain more , both directly and indirectly as a result of your contribution.


  • Commitment to the project - are u willing to do what it takes to get a task performed to expectation ? <-- question to be asked.
  • Positive attitude - Some are born genius. Some are blessed with certain ability. What makes an outcome to be positive is 3 elements, namely Ability, Effort and Attitude. The multiplication of these 3 elements determines the results. So, it doesnt matter if you have limited Skill/Ability, intensify on the effort and always be positive, and you get a positive result.

Ability/skill(1-100) x Effort x Attitude = Result. If you can assure that you keep the attitude and effort at positive rates, then the results will be positive. and thats what we want from you, for the community!


In the course of publishing this page, there were many heros that played a significant role that has resulted that this page is published. And personally, I feel that these wonderful souls should be acknowledged and appreciated. And I would like to take this opportunity to express my thank you and appreciation to the gentlemen below. They are:

  • xp_prg - A very brilliant gentleman from USA, who always have the heart to share knowledge and technical know-how to a beginner like me, bearing with my lack of knowledge crisis. When i first joined the Adempiere community on 30th May 2007, i was very keen in implementation of Libero (manufacturing module for Adempiere). xp_prg, was the one who took my hand and guide me step by step in the implementation of Libero. There were couple of times, where I almost lost hope on Libero module (it was difficult to install), but given the encouragement by xp_prg, I persisted and today, i`m able to partially install a Libero module into Adempiere.

Being a beginner to the Adempiere, I asked xp_prg, why is that he is being such a good mentor (after all, i never done anything for him yet), his reply was that ---> "PAY IT FORWARD. When i was new here, I was assisted by many people. And now its my time to contribute to the community in the ways, that i can!" My heartiest thank you to xp_prg. Without him, I would have not been here today! Thank you very much, xp_prg. --AS 05:21, 11 June 2007 (EDT)

  • bahman - He was the very FIRST guy to greet me at the Adempiere Irc channel. For his around the clock support. As a beginner, at times, there were many times that i missed to read the Wiki page. Whenever I had questions, Bahman always give his guide selflessly and usually goes the extra mile by giving the exact WIKI & Forum links that covers/addressed my questions. Bahman is also the person responsible in educating me of the power of Linux. If I go on explaining all the contributions and assistance that Bahman have given, it will take pages for me describe. All I could say, is, words alone are not enough to describe my appreciation towards Bahman. He is the kind of soul, who never turn down a person seeking assistance. My special thank you to bahman.
  • Red1 - If not for Red1, i wouldnt have realised of Adempiere and its powerful potentials. Sometime ago, I know that a project called Adempiere existed, but I always had the thought that it was an overcrowded application with little usage. And I realised how wrong I was, when Red1 englightened me on Adempiere over a quick phone call (a few days before he left to first Adempiere conference in Berlin). I researched further on it, and then only I realise, that there was a lot more about Adempiere that I didnt know. Today, I strongly believe that Adempiere is a very powerful application that everyone business should have. To me personally, Adempiere is the Business Swissknife that is a MUST HAVE for every organization. It could save your business from seeing the emergency/dark days.

I would like to thank Red1 for his dynamic leadership and many little tips/advice he have given. The best that i like, which I strongly believe that has much truth in it, is "Release early, Release Often - Red1". Wanna find out more? Talk to Red1 in Adempiere IRC channel. (I`m not the right person to explain though I am begining to understand it now). Red1, you are appreciated!

  • Victor- the father of Libero (manufacturing module for Adempiere), for his tips/tricks/brief tutorials and above all for his most appreciated contribution to the community - Libero.
  • maacheahmed - For giving me the ever first links to tutorials.
  • muthah - For giving me tips/tricks
  • kontro - For his "Get a real OS" challenge!

And many others, whom have assisted me directly/indirectly. If you that I have omitted your name by mistake, then please assist me to include it.


Albert Chen's Life Long Commitment To Compete With SAP