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Hi everybody,
here is a short introduction about me:

Born in 1965 in the deep palatinian forest. My home region is the source of freedom in germany, where first german democratic efforts were made in the beginning of the 19st Century well known as "The Hambacher Fest". It was in 1832 when more than 30.000 people claimed their right of expressing their free opinon and freedom of press. Today some of us claim for "free and opensource software" so for me this is a good continuation... No doubt: i am proud to be a palatinian, having a palatinian place of birth and a palatinian free spirit :-)

After a solid education as commercial clerk and several years in business i went to Univeristy of Applied Sciences (HTW) in Saarbrücken and got a diploma as Dipl.Wirtschaftsingenieur (FH) (Industrial Engineering). I worked 5 years in IT Consulting and another 5 years as divisonal head for Organization and IT in a huge german Retail Company. Since 2003 i have been working as coach and business consultant for small and medium enterprises (KMU).

I would like to participate in the adempiere community with business process know-how, especially for the german localization and the use of adempiere in smb's.

Georg Schütz
KaMUX / KMU-Check
Friedhofstrasse 32
66953 Pirmasens
email: georg.schuetz[at]