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Name This user real name is : Matjaž Godec
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Shortly about me and Adempiere[edit]

  • Working in programming/IT since 1986.
  • In 1990s worked on "bussines" related program (GL, Invoices, Warehouse)
  • In 1990s worked on embeded programming with Z80 embeded and Intel 8051 compatible chipsets
    • Phone PBX systems
    • Telecommunication measurement/control equipment
    • Other embeded systems
  • In 1993 found about about Linux and started to use/explore it
  • In 1996 created a company with partnership and start ISP bussines based complete on Linux infrastructures.
    • Servers
    • self build Linux based Terminal servers
    • self build Linux based Routers
    • ...
  • In 2000 first heard about Compiere
  • In 2004 became Compiere partner
  • In 2006 Compiere internal implementation (not very succesful)
  • In 2007 switch to Adempeire with internal implementation