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Graham Loosley[edit]

Name: Graham Loosley, Country: UK


I am an Accountant (qualified FCCA with Ernst & Young) and ERP consultant with implementations of Compiere, Sage and Microsoft Dynamics NAV in the UK.

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I'm a UK qualified accountant and ERP Consultant.
I have some history with *mpiere: I attended Compiere Inc training in USA, attended Compiere and European Compiere Association meetings in Boston, Brussels, Paris and ran some Compiere implementations in the UK from about 2003 to 2007, partnering with Tenth Planet from India for developer resource.
I've spent the last three years away from *mpiere working with commercial ERPs, most recently with Sage Line 500 and Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
Commercial products like NAV have good feature sets and are customisable but there are initial licences and annual fees to pay and the strategic direction of the product is not directly controlled by the businesses that run it or the developers and consultants who work with it.
I'm interested to see where Adempiere has got to so I'm planning on attending the Berlin meeting in June.

--Graham Loosley 11:08, 16 May 2009 (GMT)