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Name This user real name is : Hayder Aziz

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My details[edit]

Name: Hayder Aziz

  • Location: Dubai UAE, Samawah Iraq and Budapest Hungary
  • Skills: Ontologies, Mechanical Engineering, ERP functionality, PLM/SCM functional, System integration & Report writing.
  • Experience: Windchill PLM, Protege Ontology editor, Old versions of Compiere, PHP stuff, 3D solid Modelling etc...
  • Interest: Making ADempiere into an easy to extend and pervasive Business application that redefines the meaning of business integration.
  • Personal interests: Foreign Exchange Markets, Photography, Aviation, travel

Functional Suggestions[edit]

  • Integrate telephony and VoIP functionality into the CRM
  • Integrate groupware into the application for CRM/Salesforce (Zimbra)
  • Push information to mobile devices for pervasive enterprise business application
  • Use XBRL as the foundation of the CoA and Financial reports nda financial consolidation for multiple legal entity enterprises
  • Use Unique serial numbers to track high value items from purchase to inventory movement, to sale and service RMA.
  • Integrate UNSPSC into the system for defining products and services.

Technical Suggestions[edit]

  • Change bottom layer from relational database to an OO ontology that is extensible using the graphical protege ontology editor.


nothing yet. More details here....