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Name This user real name is : John Bell

Who am I?[edit]

Chartered Mechanical Engineer, MBA. Programmer Lotus Notes, PHP, Java (amongst others) Company director for 20 years

Why am I interested in Adempiere? I have been looking for a networked system to replace a purchasing management system that I built in Foxpro 12 years ago. I have been following Compiere for some time, but was not interested while it was Oracle only (I even contributed to the database independence project - not that that achieved anything).

My wishlist[edit]

A BOM system that works...

  • A BOM drop to a project should be repeatable... i.e. it should be possible to propogate changes to a Project BOM after the project is started.
  • BOM Tree walking ... it should be possible to walk through a BOM tree and make changes where required.
  • Consolidation of BOM line entries. i.e. if the project needs 750 bolts for 25 different sub items, I want to know in one line that I need to order 750 bolts.