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Who we are[edit]


  • Has been teaching at a university level for 19 years both writing and literature with a focus on creative writing.
  • Was in the lumber business for 12 years and is a father of seven sons.


  • Has worked or taught in technical/analytical writing field for 18 years, but prefers, above all, teaching philosophy.
  • Just as the unexamined life is not worth living, the unprofessionally prepared documentation not worth using.


  • Has been teaching at a university level for 20 years with an emphasis on technical writing and Shakespeare.
  • Was an army medic, altarboy, and is now a father of two girls.

Why we do what we do[edit]

  • The excitement of joining in an ongoing international conversation.

What we're doing in this project[edit]

  • We're joining the community to make a solid, complete, and effective set of documents for ADempiere.

How to contact us[edit]

You can reach us via e-mail at and on the wiki.