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Danilo Pompei[edit]

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I had been working as a Network Administrator and as a C/C++ Developer in Linux environment since 1998 until 2005. Since then I've been starting working as an "ICT & Business" Consultant for Small and Medium Enterprises. In particular I've been offering services based on Pentaho BI Suite and I am now starting offering solutions based on Adempiere.


I've got some good basic knowledge about Italian accounting regulations and I wish to implement an Adempiere localization that fulfils all Italian laws. If you want to have further information (in Italian) about this dawning project of mine you could take a look at the Italian Adempiere Forum or you can contact me at


I've just created a new version of the Italian Chart of Accounts. Please note that it's a pre-alpha version. Many default accounts have been kept outside the balance sheet since Italian regulations don't allow to use them. This situation has to be solved somehow, until then this file will be in pre-alpha version.