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Pramod Koshy
PUURTI, Atelier Soft Pvt. Ltd.

About me[edit]

I am Pramod Koshy. I own Atelier Soft Pvt. Ltd. a software development company in Chennai, India, we specialize in Java and now Adobe Flex programming. We have developed an Adobe Flex front end to Adempiere. Puurti is open source and we hope you will include it in Adempiere. We are building a service company that provides open source Puurti - ERP implementation services in India and abroad.


About Puurti[edit]

Simply put Puurti is an Adobe Flex interface ontop of Adempiere. Adobe Flex is an open source framework, to build highly interactive web applications. Though it is just another interface Puurti brings a whole new dimension to Adempiere's web based interfaces.

RIA Interface[edit]

Puurti's Rich Internet Architecture interface with a Multi Document Interface