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About Redchris[edit]

Name This user real name is : Cristina Ghita
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I live in Oradea, România.

  • e-mail:
  • skype: metas_cg

I develop custom business solutions around Adempiere framework, new custom modules, enhancements, localization.
I am involved in this project since the ending of 2007.
I am working at metas group as ADempiere developer.

My current jobs in the community are:

  • Citizen
  • Adempiere developer

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ADempiere Experts for Services & Training[edit][edit]

metas GmbH

Am Nossbacher Weg 2

53179 Bonn, Germany

Tel: +49 228 26688840[edit] SRL

Franz Liszt 4

300081 Timisoara, Romania

Tel: +40 356 422033