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Name This user real name is : Timothy William Heath
Sourceforge logo.png This user has a Sourceforge account.
  • Tim has a podcasts that talks about Libero Implementation [1]
  • If you are on windows, then download winamp full free version to play this station.
Way to go Tim XP-PRG! - Red1 22:09, 25 July 2007 (EDT)

Adempiere 350 Initiative[edit]

I am looking for volunteer(s) to assist me in creating instruction videos about Adempiere. I have a minidv video camera and we can edit the movies at SSU multimedia lab for free. Anyone want to help me? I am in Windsor, California. At the least you can just hold the camera and zoom in on things and just help me to make sure it is easy to understand.

News on the Adempiere 350 Initiative

Installation Steps to bring up Adempiere/Libero on Linux[edit]

Installation Steps to bring up Adempiere/Libero on Linux

Links of Stuff[edit]