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Name This user real name is : Christopher Ugwu
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I love Research and Development, I've been involved in all aspects of the software development & implementation process.

My most recent experiences have been in implementing service solutions in pan-European Companies. A native English speaker, my German is rusty and my Dutch is embarrassingly basic for someone who lived six years in the lovely city of Utrecht.

I was in the final stages of my first pilot Compiere implementation but that has been temporarily postponed until the availability of the first stable Adempiere release.

When I'm not at the computer (which is not often these days) I like nothing better than to stand, in the dead of warm summers night, in the middle of a river trying to catch elusive freshly run sea-trout.

Who is Ramiro Vergara?

I worked in the resource industry (Cerrejón Coal Mine) for 12 years and then switched to the IT industry where I have been selling and implementing solutions mostly to the resource industry for the last 14 years. Participated in 40+ ERP implementation projects in Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Perú, Argentina, Venezuela and Brazil in various roles. Due to my background I believe my skills are around Industry Business Processes, Project Management and Entrepreneurship.

Lots of interest but mostly:

- Reading on science (for layman of course, I am not a scientist). Anthropology and modern physics are 2 of my favorite subjects

- Reading/discussing on IT and Open Source

- Gaze the stars with my home telescope (gift from my lovely wife)

- Dancing, yes I do dance quite a lot, must be my Colombian heritage

- Outside cooking, especially paella (consider myself a "Paella Maestro")

My thoughts in life are quite simple:

          "It is nice to be important but it is more important to be nice"


Skype: ristofa