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Added Userboxes[edit]

Hi Victor, I have taken the liberty to add relevant Userboxes to your profile, you were the last member of the council who hasen't added his. I hope you don't mind :). Best regards --Khalid HASSANI 07:25, 22 November 2006 (EST)

Adempiere 3.3.x[edit]

Hi, Victor.
We are plan to adopt Adempiere/postgresql for our future ERP.
Now my team is working intensively testing 3.1.2 and fixing bugs.
We are also planning to implement your manufacture module in 3.4.0 and wondering whether this module
also available for postgresql ? this is important for our decision whether to use oracle or postgresql.
Pls advice. Thanks.Usman88

Hi Usman88

The Libero can work in postgresql as now work Adempiere 312 , we need solve all the problem with the bridget of postgresql (Convert) , if we can solve all the issue then libero are working without problem.

I have migrate libero to Adempiere 3.3 we need to make the cycle test and release 3.4.

Then Adempiere with manufacturing must work with Oracle and PostgreSQL

I need have libero working into Adempiere to January, I start 1 Feb in production with EnterpriseDB (PostrgreSQL)

Kind Regards vpj-cd

Thanks for your advice, I'm now feel more comfortable to continue our test and implementation with postgresql.
As I'm planning to implement 3.2.0 and later upgrade to 3.4.0, could you also update me whether postgresql migration
script will be included in 3.3.0 roadmap. I think is also an important issue for postgresql user.
Rgds.Usman88 01:53, 22 December 2006 (EST)

Hi Victor, I saw your latest Libro Paga startup page. That is great, but there is sumtin in its formating, the markup shows ADEmpiere with big 'E', and the topic is too long worded. You can redo so that it looks standard with other topics. thanks - Red1 19:26, 17 January 2007 (EST)

Added Sponsor Boxes[edit]

For test scenario, I have modified HR & Payroll Wiki pages with Sponsor Boxes. Please check Libero Human Resource & Payroll Official Extension and Libero Payroll pages and let me know your feedback. -- Sarafudheen 08:09, 21 July 2010 (UTC)

Can I become a citizen[edit]

I would like to become a citizen of Adempiere, representing Indian Adempiere community. I am moderating the linked in group for Adempiere forum and I am a active contributor[1] of adempiere wiki. I wish you will suggest my name. Thanks in advance -- Sarafudheen