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Why We Return To The Source[edit]

  • This is another big contribution by Robert Klein of OSLABS. He is famous for the now strong feature of 2Pack.
  • He has set the first step to completing the Web User Interface inherited from Compiere which has always been in beta mode.
  • The good news also is that Robert is now basing his works on the ADempiere project.
  • This is another testimony that the ADempiere Bazaar is recognised by all as a community and open project. By remaining open and community based, ADempiere Bazaar shall grow at quantum speeds as contributors like Rob Klein began to port over their works unabated. He gets automatically SVN commit rights to continue updating the project files concerning his contributions.
  • Many around the bazaar can now assist him in testing and debugging and correcting the bugs they find on his behalf. He can now move onto other upscale projects without worying about his investment in brand and coding time.
  • He can keep maintaining his clients' installations with lesser resources of ensuring all bugs are resolved. You start, the community completes for you!



  • The New Web UI Login Look by Rob Klein

Main Menu[edit]

(updating now.. come back later) WebMain.png

  • The Main Screen Can Work With Zoom


  • The Zoom works fine with AJAX-feel filter selection


  • Updated to trunk, you need to update from SVN trunk and compile to get it.
    • Rob Klien has commit rights and is now updating his suggested changes directly.
  • Be released in binary form next, awaiting Committ Committee decision.
    • Council and Team members have voted overwhelmingly to accept this contribution via team email. Red1 04:14, 13 June 2007 (EDT)

What Files Did Rob Change?[edit]

  • CreateZipFile.java - adempiere_trunk/base/src/org/adempiere/pipo
  • MPackageExp.java - adempiere_trunk/base/src/org/compiere/model
  • MWFActivity.java - adempiere_trunk/base/src/org/compiere/wf
  • WAccount.java - adempiere_trunk/serverApps/src/main/servlet/org/compiere/www (4 matches)
  • WAttachment.java - adempiere_trunk/serverApps/src/main/servlet/org/compiere/www (2 matches)
  • WebField.java - adempiere_trunk/serverApps/src/main/servlet/org/compiere/www (8 matches)
  • WHelp.java - adempiere_trunk/serverApps/src/main/servlet/org/compiere/www
  • WLocation.java - adempiere_trunk/serverApps/src/main/servlet/org/compiere/www (2 matches)
  • WLogin.java - adempiere_trunk/serverApps/src/main/servlet/org/compiere/www (8 matches)
  • WLookup.java - adempiere_trunk/serverApps/src/main/servlet/org/compiere/www (4 matches)
  • WMenu.java - adempiere_trunk/serverApps/src/main/servlet/org/compiere/www (8 matches)
  • WProcess.java - adempiere_trunk/serverApps/src/main/servlet/org/compiere/www (10 matches)
  • WTest.java - adempiere_trunk/serverApps/src/main/servlet/org/compiere/www
  • WWindow.java - adempiere_trunk/serverApps/src/main/servlet/org/compiere/www (26 matches)
  • WZoom.java - adempiere_trunk/serverApps/src/main/servlet/org/compiere/www

How You Can Help[edit]

  • Testing and identifying the rest of the UI that needs completion
  • Improving and completing the rest
  • Promoting for further users to test, more coders to help out


  • Why should I get involved?
  • Rob Klein has been a source of groundbreaking technology from the old Compiere framework such as 2Pack with Fixed Assets.
    • Publishes his works under GPL at http://www.oslabs.org/
    • Provide his own philosophy and guidance in well written documents to support newbies.
    • Though busy with his own projects has kept in touch with ADempiere steadfastly to update his works.
  • Able to draw more oldies such as me having incumbent Compiere knowhow and not yet able to master new technos.
    • Has received committed followers such as Tim (xp_prg) and Victor (Libero) in them using 2Pack in their projects.
    • Tim has continued to train others such as AnwarSadat (AS) and able to maintain the 2Pack for ADempiere.
    • Dirk (Needle57) is able to use 2Pack for German localisation.
    • Means a sub-bazaar truly forming over Rob Klein's works that can make sense for him to head in future.
  • WebUI has been formerly a Compiere beta version that has a smaller gap to push for than Ajax-based or TANG-based
    • Ready to market usability and visibility to end-users.
    • Doesn't mean neglecting other technos, but allows a choice to difference of competency and energy within bazaar.

Working Process Roadmap[edit]

  • Sign up and test the WebUI suite according to the functional headings below
  • Report all findings in wiki for Rob to follow up systematically
  • Discuss further in SourceForge
  • Rob will repair codes based on feedback here and commit to trunk. This is to avoid code clash until the process matures.
    • Coordinate with Rob if we are able to do some code changes ourselves.
  • When process matures with a strong sub-bazaar, will discuss with Rob to head a team to work with him on the source.

(The main purpose of the process i draw up here is due to Rob's busy commitment schedule over the years, and i m trying to coordinate the best working mode for him and us to bring this forward. Meanwhile ideas are welcome! - Red1).

Call To Arms[edit]

  • Red1 (testing, documenting, facilitating, debugging, improving)
  • Bahman (debugging, improving) -If I can :-)
  • Ramiro Vergara (testing, documenting)
  • Moyses (testing, documenting)
  • Raoufm (testing, documenting)

(sign up here)

Detailed WalkThrough Testing[edit]