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"..midgets sitted over a giant shoulders can see farest than the giant. "
-- Victor Pérez, August 2006, paraphasing Bernard of Chartres in an 电子邮件 calling for continuing the best software in the world.

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ADempiere is a commons-based peer-production of Open Source ERP Applications. This Wiki is for the global community to contribute and share know-how and domain expertise. We hope you can find as much open information and participate in making it most usable for everyone. This project has a bazaar of Citizens which votes in a Project Management Committee every two years.


You can evaluate adempiere using Sandbox at Idalica(Login/pass = GardenAdmin/GardenAdmin), easy install in windows installer, use ADempiere Virtual Appliance based on VMware player, or download and install download latest releases and resources.

ADempiere works with High-End Apps illustrated by ADAXA


Important contents of Wiki arranged as a Table of Contents style of a book.

常见问题和 Howto 文档 in Trifon user page

此章节介绍如何在 Windows, Mac 或 Linux 下安装 Adempiere. 还有更简单的 VMWare 或 VirtualBox 虚拟机AVA Installer 和 Kai Schaeffer 提供的安装包 Windows Installer.


See the Development section and Extending ADempiere section on how to extend the facilities of ADempiere. It explains installation,developer guide,tutorials, etc. You can get related documents from categories :Software Development, Developer Documentation, Documentation and Training.
* Future Plans & Road Map

Different Releases Under Release Management:

Coordinated effort to supply commonly requested functionality.

See Feature Development Collaboration for more Details!


ADempiere Features[edit]

Features Categorization Features List
ERP Features
OLAP & Reporting Business Intelligence, Financial Reporting, Extending Reports, Exporting Reports, JasperReports
Features by ADempiere Menu (User Interface)

System Admin, Application Dictionary, Partner Relations, Quote To Invoice, Requisition to Invoice, Returns, Open Items, Material Management, Project Management, Performance Analysis, Assets, Manufacturing Management*, Human resource and Payroll*

Other Features

Platform independent, Extendable, Pluggable, Touchable, Callable and Self-Installable

*Version 3.5.4a

Featured Books
Redhuan D. Oon writes about the community's work. Get from Amazon.com or with the Leader's autograph.
Available on Amazon.com By Bayu Cahya
Special Attractions
Low Heng Sin completed Posterita's Ajax UI. Panels and Items are now draggable!
Touchscreen POS contributed by Compiere, OpenXpertya and ADAXA
Your ADempiere is up in 30 mins with Windows Installer or Adempiere Setup GUI Wizard - Box design from www.its-simon.com
Global Reach
Papers on IBM porting. Download them [1].[2]. Also works on GlassFish Apps Server.
Members from all over

ADempiere Community[edit]

How Can I Contribute

We need your help. If you know the Etiquette and see us as an open community with no borders, then join us and be all that you can be. One day, your name can be here at the Contributors and Citizens page which shall be accessed from every ERP that uses ADempiere.

  • Inter-Relay Chat (IRC Channel) either via mIRC or XChat at irc.freenode.net, Channel Room - #adempiere. If you are Spanish speaker you can join #adempiere-es. If you are French speaker you can join #adempiere-fr. Use this web tool or web tool2 to access the chat room if unable to use mIRC or XChat
  • ADempiere Virtual Conference Room
  • For Spanish Latin American - Functional Manual in Spanish by Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar, Colombia - Join #adempiere-es in irc.freenode.net
Tracing Bugs