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#[[User:vpj-cd|Victor Perez]] / [http://www.e-evolution.com e-Evolution]
#[[User:vpj-cd|Victor Perez]] / [http://www.e-evolution.com e-Evolution]
#[[User:Mwagner|Maik Wagner]]
#[[User:Mwagner|Maik Wagner]]
# Jan Rößler (Schaeffer AG)


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Beuth berlin.jpg

After organizing 2nd European ADempiere Conference in 2009 which followed the European ADempiere Conference in 2007, ADempiere e.V. (ADeV) invites the community to the next Conference which takes places 2011 in Berlin!

  • 02nd - 04th of September 2011 (Friday - Sunday)
  • University of Beuth in Berlin, Germany (http://www.beuth-hochschule.de/)
  • Agenda
    • Community Gathering
    • Workshops / Knowledgetransfer
    • ADeV member meeting (private) ADeV is voting a new board

Who should come?

  • Community => Meet ADempierians!
  • ADempiere User and Service Providers => Learn about ADempiere and meet the Experts!
  • ADempiere Newbies => learn what ADempiere can do for you!

How to register?

  • send an email to Eventadempiere.de.png with your name, company and if you need a hotel room
  • add your name to the Participants-List

Call for paper

Workshops: Call for paper

  1. Fitnesse Testing on ADempiere modules by Redhuan D. Oon - 45mins (promise)
  • How does Fitnesse works(5mins),Setting up(10mins),Testing on Costing Engine(5mins),Testing on MakeToOrder Manufacturing(5mins),Testing on Std Costing(5mins),Testing on Fixed Assets and Maintenance Management(5mins),Q & A(7mins),John Lennon 'Imagine' song(3mins)

Present your Project: Call for paper

If you have implemented an exciting project with adempiere you are invited to present it in a timeframe of 20 Minutes to show others how you solved the problems, either technical or functional.


  • To make the results applicable to other we ask you to only present projects that are already implemented and went live
  • You are free to choose if you want to name your customer
  • You may either focus on technical or functional or on both aspects

List your project:

  • <your name>, <description of the project>, <problems you solved>, <presentation is technical, functional, or mixed>

Open Space: Call for ideas

  1. automated testing on ADempiere Marco Koster (metuX GmbH)

Libero Costing Engine

  1. Workshop new Costing Engine Victor Perez / e-Evolution

Libero Warehouse Management

  1. Workshop new Wherehouse Management Victor Perez / e-Evolution

Libero Smart Browser

  1. Workshop new Smart Browser Victor Perez / e-Evolution


  • to register send an email to Eventadempiere.de.png with your name, company and if you need a hotel room
  • add your name here (optional)

Note: Even when you are already on the participants list you need to register here Eventadempiere.de.png so we know your email address to contact you.

  1. Mark Ostermann (metas)
  2. Kai Schaeffer (Schaeffer AG)
  3. Karsten Thiemann (Schaeffer AG)
  4. Dirk Niemeyer
  5. Norbert Wessel (metas)
  6. Teo Sarca (metas)
  7. Tobias Schöneberg (metas)
  8. Mike Mckay
  9. Kitti U. (Ecosoft)
  10. Wipawii J. (Ecosoft)
  11. Dominik Zajac
  12. Trifon Trifonov (D3 Soft Ltd.)
  13. Cristina Ghita (metas)
  14. Mario Calderon (westfalia)
  15. Susanne Calderon (westfalia)
  16. Marco Koster (metuX GmbH)
  17. Michael Judd (Akuna)
  18. William Wolfe
  19. Peter Sommer (metuX GmbH)
  20. Philip Gossweiler (metuX GmbH)
  21. René Quintero
  22. Werner Scharinger (catura ag)
  23. Eberhard Wind (catura ag)
  24. Vassilis Voreopoulos
  25. André Fracassi (Effa Motors / devCoffee)
  26. Bruno Luis Ferreira (Effa Motors / devCoffee)
  27. Eduardo Effa (Effa Motors / devCoffee)
  28. Murilo Habermann Torquato (Effa Motors / devCoffee)
  29. Ramiro Vergara (OFB Consulting)
  30. Dietmar Berlinger (promandant)
  31. Sabine Sebastian (promandant)
  32. Kai Du
  33. Hilário Fochi (Kenos / Soliton)
  34. Ricardo Alexsander Santana (Kenos / Soliton)
  35. Marcelo Rufino (Kenos / Soliton)
  36. Victor Perez / e-Evolution
  37. Maik Wagner
  38. Jan Rößler (Schaeffer AG)


We have reserved an allocation of 25 beds in the hotel "Hotel4Youth" from Th 01.09.2011 - Mo 05.09.2011.

Hotel4Youth Am Mauerpark *** [1]

  • Bernauer Str. 45/46 | 10435 Berlin | Berlin Mitte
  • Pricing
    • Price Singlebed = 58 EUR (including breakfast and VAT)
    • Price Twinbed = 78 EUR (including breakfast and VAT)

Please contact us via Eventadempiere.de.png if you want to book a room.

Orga Team

  • Norbert Wessel, Email: Eventadempiere.de.png
  • Fabian Renk
  • Kathrin Krake
  • Kai Schaeffer, Email: Eventadempiere.de.png


  • Friday
    • 14:00 ADeV Member Meeting (closed)
  • Saturday
    • Day: Workshops etc.
    • Evening: Come together (public
  • Sunday
    • Day: Workshops etc.