European ADempiere Conference

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1. European ADempiere Developers Conference

May, 29th - 31st 2007 in Berlin (Germany)

Why a conference?

After four successful months of hard work it's time to give everybody the chance to meet each other in person. This is the primary goal of the ADempiere conference being planned.

What it's all about?

  • workshops
  • technical discussions
  • meet each other
  • future Adempiere development

Topic suggestions for workshops and discussions are desired. Please note them on this site.

Topic suggestions

Please add your suggestions here

General conditions

The conference is open to all interested parties. The participants are required to pay the costs of travel and accommodation. Infrastructure is sponsored by Schaeffer AG (


Please add your name here ...

Redhuan D. Oon*

Low Heng Sin*

Timo Kontro*

Victor Perez*

Karsten Thiemann

Michael Judd

Kai Schaeffer

Johannes Gubo

Peter De Zutter

(*) cost absorption by Schaeffer AG.

To facilitate the participation of as many project members as possible in the conference further sponsors are highly appreciated.