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Status: Approved to be integrated in branch 361 by Functional Team

Development Status: Integrated to Branch GlobalQSS 361

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Commitment A/R A/P - Functional Specifications[edit]

Author: Carlos Ruiz



Adempiere allow accounting management for commitments (sales and purchase commitments), but the Accounts Receivable / Payable modules cannot manage or show the commitments from sales and purchase orders.

For some companies (for example building construction) it's important to manage the accounts receivable/payable based on the commitments agreed by customers (sales orders) and promised to vendors (purchase orders).


  • Allow to schedule payments in sales/purchase orders as well as in sales/purchase invoice (currently Adempiere just allow schedule on sales invoice)
  • Fix some Adempiere problems in the management of payment terms:

- Allow payment terms with just one schema (this will force the creation of records in invoice/order schedule) if used - When completing the invoice/order validate the usage of schedule when configured properly, if the schedule is filled and it doesn't match with the total of the invoice/order forbid completing the document - Auto-generate the schedule if empty when completing the invoice/order


Tracker: Feature Requests 3132687

Design Considerations[edit]


All components of the development must be translated to spanish.


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  • Inherit to invoices the schedule agreed on orders when possible, there can be problematic to inherit the schedule when the invoice is create from a partial receipt/shipment, in this case it's proposed to create the schedule averaged.


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Functional Requirements[edit]

User roles & profiles[edit]

Sales people: they must fill the schedule of payments for sales orders when necessary, also for sales invoices

Purchase people: they must fill the schedule of payments for sales orders when necessary, also for purchase invoices

Client Administrator: they must configure the payment terms to allow auto-generation of schedule, or force usage of schedule

Business process definition[edit]

User stories[edit]

In building industry (in Colombia) a house is promised to a customer - the customer signs a promise to buy (a sales order) and the company cannot invoice until the house is completed and delivered to the customer. Since the sales order the customer agreed to pay in a defined schedule and the company needs to manage all the A/R including orders.

Similar situation can be seen when dealing with vendors. And specifically this is needed if you want to issue a cash flow (see FS02 Cash Flow) because cash flow must include the agreed schedule of payments on purchase and sales orders.

Functional requirements based on business processes[edit]

  • Modify Sales Order Window to allow capture of Payment Schedule
  • Modify Purchase Order Window to allow capture of Payment Schedule
  • Modify Purchase Invoice Window to allow capture of Payment Schedule

User Interface Mockups[edit]

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Technical Requirements[edit]

  • create a C_OrderPaySchedule table similar to C_InvoicePaySchedule
  • when creating invoices from orders the pay schedule will be inherited
  • when creating from shipments/receipts it will be inherited when possible and averaged in case of partials

Non-Functional Requirements[edit]

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