Functional User Manual

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Sales Processes - from raising a quotation or proposal, to recording the order, sending hte goods or performing the services and invoicing the customer

Purchase Processes - from rasing a purchase requisition from a catalogue, to issuing a purchase order, receieving goods and services and receiving supplier invoices.

Inventory Processes - tracking inventory, replenishing warehouses, multiple warehouse sites and locators, stock movements, shipping

Paying Suppliers & Collecting Debts

Accounting Processes - period and year end, financial and managament accounting, charts of accounts, VAT/TAX/IVA, reporitng for other regulatory bodies

Performance Measurement allows you to:

- define a series of measures
- record your performance against those measures
- set targets for your measures
- track your performance versus the targets

Migration from other business systems such as:

-Sage Line 50