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The links below are handouts that we provide to our clients during end-user training. They describe the standard procedures to follow to enter transactions into the system. When we have customized activities or we have limited their choices then we will adjust these work procedures to be appropriate for the client company.

For example, maybe the users will only enter "Standard Orders". In this case we will remove the other options from the documentation so that these are as simple as possible for the end-users to review.

Please feel free to use these. You may change the logos if you wish. If you want to keep us noted in the header or footer or something, that would be grand! Please offer any comments or improvements. Keeping these docs up to date for latest versions will no doubt be a challenge, so we'll take all the help we can get.

Screen Shots and some Compiere references may still need to be changed!

Please offer any suggestions/requests in response to this thread:

First contributor: Alejandro Falcone. Thanks for the help!


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More to Come

  • Inventory Count Adjustments
  • Inventory Moves
  • Production
  • Receiving
  • Bank Statements
  • GL_Postings
  • Invoicing
  • Shipments