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Join the Developers

There are a lot of ways to get involved in ADempiere development. For example, you could write code, write documentation, find bugs, fix bugs, design logos, draw icons, manage websites or do promotional work. The ADempiere project welcomes anyone who wants to help.

If you are not sure where to start, read below, it provides an overview of the different aspects of ADempiere development, and of the ADempiere development community.

News and Mail Sources

The general direction of the ADempiere project is determined by those who do the work (there are no single high level plans for what ADempiere will look like in the future). If you want to find out what is currently happening, then there are a number of sources you might like to consider:

Mailing Lists Probably the best way to find out what's going on in ADempiere development. Archives are available here.

CommitFilter Receive notification of SVN commits in areas that interest you.

Adempiere Commit-Digest Weekly summary of SVN commits.

The Dot The ADempiere news site.

Getting started with coding

Getting started at coding in ADempiere is a matter of finding something to fix, and fixing it. You may want to consult the module overview to help find what you are looking for; once you have fixed something, you will want to send in a patch. If you do that a few times, you may want to apply for an SVN account so you can fix things directly.

A more detailed description of the steps above is available in our Programming Guide. Getting started with documentation

ADempiere documentation work is very important, and can always use more developers to write new documentation, review and proofread current documentation, and to do translations and localization.

For more information on getting started, refer to the Joining the ADempiere Documentation Team reference. There is a wealth of information on the ADempiere Localization web site, including list of the Translation Teams.

Getting started with usability

There are a large number of applications within ADempiere, and not all of them have a maintainer dedicated to managing bugs and generally helping out with all the issues associated with turning some working code into a polished application.

If you are interested in helping out with ADempiere, but don't know where to start, becoming a member of the ADempiere Quality Team might appeal to you (see the Quality Team website for more information). Note that you do not need any programming skills to become involved.

Of course, you can become involved in bug hunting without being part of the ADempiere Quality Team (just create yourself an account on the ADempiere bug tracking system, and start searching / sorting through the bugs). Again, you don't have to have programming skills - it helps the programmers enormously just to have a procedure that allows a bug to be consistently reproduced. Historical Sources