Release 312

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Main Notes

  • Released - November 13th, 2006
  • Rebranding from Compiere 260a (forking point)
  • Migration tool from Compiere 253a/253b/310 to Adempiere 311
  • PostgreSQL 8.2 with alias and multi update support (still alpha)
  • New plug-in architecture based on 2pack
  • Java6 Compatibility
  • VMWare Appliance on PostgreSQL and Linux (fast demo without install)
  • Install movies using Flash
  • Delete Selection (more than one entry)



  • Logout option (to allow faster relogin without restarting ADempiere)
  • Window Menu option to switch easily
  • Theme preferences choices and stabilized
  • EnhancedPreferences options
    • Reorganised layout
    • Single instance per window control
    • Open window maximized
    • Validate connection on startup
  • OnLine Help link to WIKI
  • New look and feel and theme selection UI
  • Polish Amount in Words
  • Removal of Compiere spyware statistics tracker
  • Grant independence to GenerateModel from AD_Table_ID
  • Allow GenerateModel filtered by table (LIKE)
  • Process help and parameters integrated in one window

Bug Fixes

  • New theme stability
  • Report View scrolling
  • Close email dialog button broken
  • Request processor
  • Wrong due date management in Request Processor
  • Bad table reference in MMovementLine
  • Avoid showing database password in log (security breach)
  • Dependant fields are not processed

Work in progress

  • Fyracle Port
  • PostgreSQL stabilization


Indirect contributors

  • Robert Klein (2Pack)