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German Workshop on OSGI[edit]

Progress Testing by RED1[edit]

  • I checkout the OSGI approach 2 and import all folders as sub-projects.
  • I can see the org.adempiere.base as plugin and do the equinox-target.
  • Ok, with the latest revision i can get the utils/ to SUCCESS.
  • Hundreds of errors mainly due to not finding org.osgi or org.eclipse.core.

2nd Progress Testing by RED1[edit]

  • Following some tip from Joerg, i updated my Eclipse app to latest JEE Galileo
  • Then checkout hell again and i got down to only 4 errors (hurrah!):
    • 2 classes says no such last arg in here 'MOrgInfo.get (getCtx(), document.getAD_Org_ID(), null);'
      • in WorkflowProcessor and Scheduler classes.
    • Import in '' cannot be resolved.
    • MANIFEST has unexisting plugin >
  • By following advice in Eclipse auto-correct, these 4 errors are gone.
  • After Equinox-Target setting ...
    • utils_dev/RUN_build.xml says /zkwebui has no build.xml (to be cont'd)
    • actually it still gives success in the end for the other packages.

Test Equinox Integration 2[edit]

Eloy Gomez 2010-05-05

  • In Ubuntu Lucid, need to increase max open files parameter in /etc/security/limits.conf
username soft nofile 65535
username hard nofile 65535
  • The build script try to process all the projects in the current workspace, if you have a lot of, is a good choice create a new workspace only for this project and your plugins.
  • Must set to null in db ad_client.modelvalidationclasses
  • You need to create a custom utils/ by hand.
  • You can launch inside eclipse selecting the client project, and run as eclipse application
  • I can launch Adempiere client with!!

Running standalone within Eclipse[edit]

Hi guys, finally I have a clean osgi env - now following the instructions on "Running standalone within Eclipse" - the console just shows:

osgi> 19/05/2010 03:12:08 PM org.adempiere.client.Activator activateAll
INFO: Started org.adempiere.jbossfacet
19/05/2010 03:12:08 PM org.adempiere.client.Activator activateAll
WARNING: Could not start org.adempiere.client
19/05/2010 03:12:08 PM org.adempiere.client.Activator activateAll
INFO: Started org.adempiere.base
19/05/2010 03:12:08 PM org.adempiere.client.Activator activateAll
INFO: Started org.adempiere.jboss
19/05/2010 03:12:08 PM org.adempiere.client.Activator activateAll
INFO: Started

but nothing happens, what am I missing?. CarlosRuiz_globalqss 13:13, 19 May 2010 (PDT)

Carlos, i got same like you until i set the arguments to Then i got blank but i can type in apps and see below and also nothing happens:
osgi> apps
org.adempiere.Client [launchable] [not launchable]
- red1 01:24, 20 May 2010 (PDT)
Now i can get it to run. I just delete my projects in Eclipse and import again. When i launch the OSGI Framework it got what Carlos got above. Then it waited a while and then the splash occurs and it works like expected. Make sure you set the properties of your OSGI Run as HengSin showed. - red1 03:24, 20 May 2010 (PDT)

CarlosRuiz_globalqss 07:25, 20 May 2010 (PDT)
Thanks Redhuan by the tips and Heng Sin for the changes and explanation page, great news -> I finally have OSGi bundle running within my eclipse!
Documenting the troubleshooting:
1 - Following the Equinox_Integration_2_-_Swing_Client_Run_Configuration guide almost worked - the parameters are perfect for the needs, but in my case choosing all the bundles didn't work. In my case eclipse shows 728 bundles (not 19 as the example) and if I choose all of them (indeed if I choose some combination that I haven't determined exactly, for example choosing plugins) when I fill the GardenAdmin password the program shows this error: "===========> ALogin.tryConnection: Could not initialize class org.compiere.model.MTable [13]" and refuses to log in.
2 - I finally could make it work combining the parameters provided by Heng Sin plus the advice on this page -> Under bundles Deselect All, and then select org.adempiere.client and any other plugins you want to use (in my case pipo and Jasper), and then click "Add Required Bundles"- WARNING-> Adempiere will complain about the missing LiberoValidator, so I executed this statement on the database: update ad_modelvalidator set isactive='N' where ad_modelvalidator_id=50000 to allow it running without libero