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Here are some suggestions:

  • split the functional and technical templates - they serve different communities
  • expand the process mapping
    • get a list of all standard processes in adempiere,
    • assign functional consultants to the various functions, and make these owners,
    • agree stakeholders in all processes
    • map all processes
    • agree actors (roles in the process diagrams)
    • agree handshakes between process owners
    • use as the starting point for any process change and include in the spec - any modification to standard processes
  • information schema (as opposed to database schema) - we need people to own parts of the functional information schema - to be involved when information requirements change
  • provide a best practise example of completing the template
  • document each of the fields in the template as to what sort of information and how much detail is required

This way - the functional specification creates a QA process for specification through to implementation but allows flexibility for the technical implementation. We also gain documentation and we can build resources geared towards the functional actors. For example, we can tag documentation according to the functional actor.