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Hi Wight (Tim) I m ready to assist in the 2pack understanding. You should not create the minutes page but use this discussion talk page for those points there instead (u can move those here, so that it is intuitional to find stuff. And need not create link.

About your background i wana ask, have u done Compiere before? Anyway i m happy u are here. Welcome and as i said i m happy to help. Teaching is my forte.

Red1 17:14, 22 November 2006 (EST)

Entry needs to be remaned

I propose Kompiere libero migration project, as this Kompiere libero is the official name in Sourceforge.--Khalid HASSANI 18:04, 22 November 2006 (EST)

Notes on project

Oracle seed dump for libero according to Carlos Ruiz:

Progress on 12/19/2006

I installed oracle 10.1 on centos 4.3. I compiled kompiere libero in the contributions directory of the adempiere subversion. I then was also able to execute ./install/Compiere2/ It failed on the database saying it could not login with compiere/compiere and that the database had not been imported. I then tried to run the script and that failed. I beleive it is failing because the is not set right. the is set by so I feel like the chicken before the egg thing is occuring. I did unzip Compiere.jar in the data see directory of the kompiere libero data directory so I am close to importing/creating the oracle database.

Progress on 12/20/2006

I talked with Karsten a great deal and he helped me to figure out some problems I was having with installing/build libero. What is interesting to understand is that Karsten said I only had to run 2 scripts:

  • 310 to 311 migration script
  • 311 to 312 migration script

Running these scripts would import the libero database changes into an adempiere 312 oracle install. Karsten also told me that the migration scripts may have some problems as sqlplus can't handle very large lines for some reason. I finally got the kompiere libero server up. When I tried to login I got an error. Victor thinks I have the wrong version of Kompiere libero or Oracle. I have posted in the developer forum about this at:

Not exactly - running these scripts will upgrade the libero database to an adempiere 312 preserving :all existing libero customizations. After this make a dump of the migrated database and this will be :and Adempiere+libero seed dmp. And not the scripts have the problems - it's a sqlplus problem ;)
Next step would be to adjust the scripts for postgreSQL, therefore you have to change the datatypes :from oracle to postgresql - there was a document in the wiki about that but I think it got lost in :the backup trouble -- Karsten Thiemann 11:00, 21 December 2006 (GMT+1)

I don't understand what I could have done wrong. Victor says he will handle the migration and it will be done by 12/27/2006.

I finally got in! I added connectionprofile to ad_user and ad_role and got in! Victor said that those fields are from 253d. Victor also said that I don't need to run just on the dump he gave me. He said he will verify his dump tomorrow to see if it is correct.