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Name This user real name is : Fernando Cezar Lucktemberg
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Fernando Cezar Lucktemberg

I'm a Computer Engineer that has already been involved on all of the aspects of solution development (Hardware, Software, Process definition and so on).

Started to work with Compiere by the end of 2005 doing some research, althought I really did dive into it by Jun/2006. Before that I used to work as a SAP R/3 ABAP consultant, doing work for a bunch of companies here in Brazil.

As for Adempiere, I'm developing a Brazilian localization extension actively and also working on some core modifications (altough usually the AdempiereLBR project doesn't leave me much time left to).

Some Contributions[edit]

  • [Adempiere AVA 315].
  • [Improvements to the detail grid].
  • [Information panel on the product info screen (the one that shows warehouses stocks and such].
  • [Localization Brazil (AdempiereLBR)].
  • [Improvements to the commission process].
  • See also all [1] within this wiki.

Some Statistics[edit]

Until 10-Dec-2009

Core Adempiere Projects

Adempiere Localization Brazil Project [4]