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{{User real name|Saraf Din}}
{{User real name|Saraf Din}}
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{{User India}}
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{{User en}}
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{{User developer}}

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I am an ERP functional and technical consultant. I am certified SAP ABAP, BW, Portal and Business Object main focus area is SAP [1] technologies and JAVA [2] Technologies.


  • Stared Studying ADempiere and started some ERP Project for my Academic Researches
  • I like the Adempiere Community and talk to them quite often
  • SUN Certified Java Programmer from 2000
  • Work as JAVA Application Architect
  • SAP Portal Certified, SAP ABAP Certified, SAP BI Certified, SAP BO Certified
  • Certification in Microsoft Win32 Programming
Name This user real name is : Saraf Din
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Why Adempiere[edit]

SAP is a monster, an old monster: trying to survive with its size and power. He can go beyond its vicinity because he is big and for technology guys it is not a final destination. Comparing the open source technology growth, the technology shop under SAP is not that exciting. Fewer items to buy from there (not only because of its cost!). This is the reason for me to learn and research in ADempiere tools.

I first started with OfBiz then found then start looking at Compiere based developments. I found Compiere products are much stronger and matured as of now. Within its family, I found Adempiere is the right choice to go with.

Journey to Adempiere[edit]

While I was struggling to get documentation on Openbravo, I am advised to look at ADempiere. I started with Adempiere and felt the difference. I never look back from that point!.. let us see, the challenge is with ADemperians now ... hmm.

My Mission[edit]

As ADempiere makes my life easy, I thought of contributing my one cent to ADempiere initially in the documentation part. Once I am an expert in ADempiere, I will start participating in development and SARAFYing ADempiere.


Other Activities[edit]

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